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Composite Decking

As does most of the exterior of your house need maintenance, so does your composite decking and railing. Composite decking and railing can also last for many years. They do not rot and never need sanding or refinishing.

What they do need is annual or biannual maintenance.

Some composite decking are known for color fading and graying which is due to the nature of the material. Although the color and fading issue cannot be stopped, it is a good idea to maintain your decking and rails properly.

Here is what we do:

  • Inspect your deck and railing for any issues.
  • Apply a cleaner for mold or moss as needed that is safe for you, your plants and the environment.
  • We clean your decking with very low pressure and hot water as needed.

Our process can help with:

  • dirt debris
  • water spots
  • stains from leaves
  • spots leftover from ice melt or rock salt
  • oil grease
  • mold and mildew

Pavertastic! is a fully licensed and insured company. Please call 631-924-0544 to schedule a free estimate.

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We specialize in cleaning, protecting and restoring your pavers, fencing, decking, cement, and walkways to keep them looking fantastic!

You can count on Pavertastic! to provide you with professional and reliable service. Excellent customer relations is how we built our reputation. You will be thrilled with our work and excited about the new look of your outdoor living!

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